About Railcraft Central

Providing Quality Railing Solutions Since 1999

Railcraft Central has proudly served Minnesota and Northern Central & Eastern US for over 20 years. We specialize in supplying and installing premium railing systems for clients, from individual homeowners to apartments & large multi-story hotels. 

We are proud to have installed over 600,000 ft of railing in states such as Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota & South Dakota.

Our commitment to quality and precision begins with our planning process. We start every project by taking precise measurements and sourcing high-end materials to create a railing system that perfectly fits your unique space and style preferences. 

Focusing on premium materials and quality installations is how we have separated ourselves from other railing service providers. And with our many mounting colors and top-rail profiles, we can create the exact dimensions, style, and design for any railing project. 

When you pair our experience with quality material and build, you get a timeless result, whether it be a glass railing, cable railing, or custom railing that can increase the aesthetic and value of a property.

Our Client-Centric Culture

Since the beginning of Railcraft Central, we have prioritized customer satisfaction and fostering close-knit relationships with our clients. From the initial planning stage to the installation to any repairs and maintenance needed over the years, our team creates a stress-free and hassle-free environment that simplifies the steps of production and management of a complex railing installation.

No matter the size of your project, Railcraft Central is dedicated to your success. We are always available to answer questions or provide support throughout the process. We put the utmost value on transparency and communication at every step of the project, which enables us to answer questions or provide guidance throughout the process accurately.

Before starting your next railing project, contact Railcraft Central to see how we can help. With our local development experience, knowledge of building codes, and ability to source premium materials, we have the resources necessary to deliver exceptional results.