Color Options

Railcraft Central carries over 12 different high-quality color options to meet your design aesthetic. Choose from eye-pleasing greys, soft beiges, or attention-grabbing green to pair your railing with the exterior façade of the building.

If we do not carry your desired color, we can source the materials needed to create any color for your commercial or residential glass, cable, or custom railing. Please allow for additional time to source the materials and match them to your requested color.

We use powder coating to create all types of premium color options. Powder coating emits zero volatile organic compounds, stands out better than spray paint, and is more resistant to scratches and fading.

Before deciding on a color, ask us for sample chips to help determine what will look best for your railing setup. Browse through the images below to see a collection of our currently stocked colors. If we are missing your preferred color, contact us and we can make it happen.