Mounting Options

When installing railings, the type of mount mechanism is important, structurally, and aesthetically. Railing mounts determine how secure the railing is, the amount of surface space utilized, and where the posts are mounted. Railcraft Central offers three different primary mounting options, which are surface, fascia, and core. 

Below is a quick summary of each mounting option:

Surface Mount

Railcraft Surface Mount

The post and railing are mounted on top of the surface of the floor. This is the most common mounting method.

Fascia Mount

Railcraft Fascia Mount

The post and railing is mounted on the outside edge of the railing surface instead of the floor.

Core Mount

Railcraft Core Mount

The post and railing are embedded directly into or below the surface of the railing. This is the strongest type of mount because the post becomes an integral part of the railing.

At Railcraft Central, we supply, distribute, and install these three mounting options for glass, cable, open mid, and custom railings. We determine and recommend the appropriate mounting option based on the type of railing, the size of the deck, and the aesthetic goals of the client. 

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