Railing Maintenance

Consistent cleaning and maintenance of your railing components protect them from deteriorating and prolong the premium aesthetic. For railing systems, the most essential maintenance tasks are cleaning and inspections.

When cleaning a railing, be gentle and use non-abrasive cleaners to prevent any damage from occurring. A mixture of soap and water will effectively clean the surface. After lathering the soapy water, rinse the entire railing starting from the top to the bottom, and ensure that you fully wash away any residue from the mounting surface.

After cleaning, apply a wax finish to any aluminum railing surface. The wax will help protect the exterior coating and minimize any damage between cleaning cycles.

Every few months it is crucial to perform a detailed inspection of your railing system. Test all screws, caulking, guard rails, and mounting to ensure they are secure. If you see any signs of issues, contact Railcraft Central immediately for assistance.